jueves, 1 de abril de 2010

A little tear to flood the ocean

A little tear to flood the ocean
I am stepping on this continent, and I don’t know for how long
I see brighter than ever as I touch the end
So that it never ends
So that I return and swell through the ocean waves
Once again
Forever again
Everlasting steps over the horizon
Through the mountains and down to the valleys into the rivers
Something is missing
Maybe is me
Or it is all those smiles that were never yours
Those words unsaid, or stuck,
Or those words that hit walls
Bounced back
Hit hard
Cried to the stars
Mud is mud
and found me in Africa
Of everlasting walkways
Hidden underneath what I cannot see
The smiles, the dropped faces
The arms that cannot wave and the legs that cannot walk
The days I could not move
And then days I could but talk
Mud is all that I am covered with
Mud that is mud
And it’s what feeds the oceans
And boosts my blood