domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010


Today is the second entry I write in Edinburgh.
I am totally fond of this city by now... I am wondering what I was doing all these years that I was not here... Well, I kind of do know, but still... and of course, in a way, it would not have been what it is without the rest that was not so great. In particular, my previous two months in South Africa made a huge differnce, and they have in a way made me appreciate much more my relationship with Europe. I have been here 6 weeks today and I can recall so many good moments already. But I have a moment to write about this dinner of today, after a long pleasant shift serving tables in the racecourse in Perth town, and came back under the Scottish summer sunset, to arrive home and find two very friendly Ethiopian friends about to cook Ethiopian food with injira bread, and guess what, I ate with my hands :) And so there is this special African connection, and what followed, and what we talked that makes me so much of who I am. It's my links with Africa, which I never want to miss.
And it rememinds me of my striving to be there, to be always there, and to always delay to be there, because before that, there is something much more important that needs to be done, and it needs to be done now.

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Is it because on some level, we were not worth saving ourselves?

This is the closing line of the person left to tell us the story that we never lived, when runaway climate change became real, and I wonder how I will feel then, when people starve, become refugees, not drinking water left, all massively. I wonder how I will feel, and if I felt I could have done more, perhaps much more. Nothing is getting done, nothing at all. Surprise, surprise, it's human nature. But that's gonna take us out of this planet, and it's not good enough. It's not an excuse. It's not an excuse. It's never an excuse. Humans have never ever made the right decisions when they had to. That resulted in wars, famine, slavery, colonialism. But this time, this time everyone will suffer. And I wonder. Is that the end, or the beginning? Consciousness, stewardship, there is no unity without a planet.