jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Flying elephants

Can elephants fly?

Once I knew no Czech. Now I know how to say "flying elephants" in Czech, amongst other things. It is funny how I thought of this name for this blog. This time I write because I want to, because I feel like it. Like Eduard Punset has tought me, I have 60 years of extra life, the ones that medicine has reclaimed in a century, so I better find something to do with them.

As a matter of intentions, I am planning to have this as an environmental blog. I want to write down my thoughts on what the environment is and how we human relate to it. I began by studying International Development, and in my search of what development is I found a great flaw: developing is literally destroying life on this planet, and so it cannot be a good thing, despite what the great majority of the world's population think and say. THE WHOLE POINT IS: LET'S UNDERSTAND WHAT A BETTER LIFE FOR EVERYONE IS, AND DO IT, BUT LET'S DO IT RIGHT. LET'S MAKE SURE THAT WE ARE NOT THE LAST GENERATION.

The environment is everything: plants, animals, water, air, science, law, customs, culture, history, religion, industry, genius, policy, people. It is hard to think of a planet in which our needs are met without compromising the needs of future generations when the way all social, economic and political systems are based on greed. Rather, they should be based on rights. All rights are relative. People have been fighting for rights forever. Sometimes they were achieved, and sometimes they were crushed. Whether this generation's capitalism is responsible for helping people to achieve more rights is debatable, but my belief is that we do not need to scrap capitalism altogether and go back to the Middle Ages. It all has to do with making our lives more happy-efficient. I believe I can live in happiness and dignity without using someone else's right to drink water or live under climatic conditions that have governed human life forever.

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