lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009


I quite like the idea to be writing the whole day actually... The whole thing is very well set up, and there is good Internet wireless connection through the venue, and plugs everywhere, including the meeting and seminar rooms, so that means that people can be connected for the whole day. I have seen people writing live what is happening in the different events in Twitter, Facebook, GoogleSpreadSheets and places like that.

On a later note from the main convention centre following the official agenda of the negotiations, I will be commenting on this later.

From the FoE meeting the main points are that the Danish government has launched a weak proposal and that there is even internal division. The Greenland Dialogue seems to be more promising and there is also relevance to a India-China-Brazil and maybe South Africa agreement, but I don't know much about these.

The one thing that I am exploring now is what is called LULUCF, which sets the rules for Land Use, Land Use Change and Forests under the Kyoto Protocol. Apparently lulucf allows dodgy accounting of emissions from forests so that developed countries' cut in emissions is inaccurate as these have been destroying their own forests. The main issues under the KP on forests is forest management, afforestation (plating in tress wehre the has never or not recently been a forest) and reforestation (where there has recently been a forest).

Lesotho (LDCs), Sudan (G-77+China) and Grenada (ASIS) have just expressed concern for the need to implement environmentally sound technologies and the expansion of capacity building.

This afternoon there will be a VERY interesting side event called "Yes he can": President Obama's power to make an international climate commitment without waiting for Congress. Which is exactly what we need.

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