lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009

Tuesday day 2

7.46 local time

I have arrived early for the FoE meeting and the centre is still quite empty. I feel really full of energy despite (or perhaps because of the fact) that I have been sleeping less than 6 hours over the last week.

Yesterday I attended two new side sessions and I got mixed feelings. The first one was about new market mechanisms to develop during any post Kyoto Protocol. I found it hard to follow as they used a lot of economic technicisms I am not aware of. The main points were crediting and trading and I am not sure how much different this is from the currents Clean Development Mechanism except that it allows for bigger projects. Some people in the audience (namely a guy from Namibia in charge of development the first CDM project in the country, planting 1 million trees and develop a comprehensive water policy for it) also complained that CDM paper work should go through the company who pays and not through the UN, which I find particularly disturbing because as I see it there is the potential of lowering of standards.

What seems clear to me after 3 days of new information coming into my brain, is that offsetting should be totally removed from final text. Under the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries are allowed to buy carbon credits from developing countries who then have to invest that moneyt in green projects, neutralizing then the emissions of those developed countries. This means that there is not incentive to reduce emissions at home but only to pay (which is cheaper). Offsettings therefore stand in the way of achieving the 40% emissions cut by 2020.

Off to the FoE meeting...

7.57 local time

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