martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Copenhagen night

Yesterday was such a tiring day. I was in the Bella Center the whole day, shopping around, speaking with people, now that I have a clearer idea of what the big picture about climate change is. I waitied one hour in the cold to get into the venue. I could not believe how many people were there. I was actually luckly it took me "only" one hour. Some people queued for nine hours and could not get it at the end! I think there was a little bit of trouble and no explanations from nobody. This is surprising, the Danes have been very organized so far.

I saw Al Gore, and took a few pictures. Some people went crazy about it. There was a lady who tried to convince the security guards to let her in the packed room for like half an hour. I spent the day shopping for contacts, and I think I got a good outcome.

Then in the evening I went to this UWC meeting in the Danish office and had some interesting chats with friends of friends! (so typical). I got lost in the way there and in the way back... And finally met up with Ellie to have one of the most exciting nights of my life!

We headed to Christiania, which is a very alternative neighbourhood in Copenhagen, appartly it used to be a free state from Denmark. Everyone had told us to go there. When we were approaching the place, there were police tracks everywhere blocking the access to the barrio. There was a helicopter flying over! It was like an American movie! Broken grass on the road, and two cars drove back in an runaway manner. We waited for a while to see if the thing went down, but it only got worse. Ellie filmed some, and this Danish guy who had a camera filmed us for a while... Asked us questions about Denmark, COP15, Christiania... I felt like such a journalist! I tried to inform about the situation :-) I love being in front of the camera... It reminds me of the good old days :S

After a while we decided that was not gonna get better and we left the scene. Found a pottery shop in the way and the guy was working, so we knocked on the door and asked to go in. It was such a brilliant place, he makes really nice things, real craftmanship. He started as an apprentice in his twenties when he got fired from the bank he was working in and after he went to art school to apply it to his potery! It was a nice conversation, one of those I will remember, connected with the place and the moment I am living.

hey!! It was started snowing! :-)

The name of the place is Per Bo, and that is the name of the guy too :-). Highly recommended to any passers by! And got my Christmas presents!

Then we passed all this huge police trucks and dogs, and the helicopter!... At some point we heard things braking, and there was a crew all over the streers... Then the journslists arrived and when we got into a kebab place we saw everything on TV! The little Pharmacy with the unicorn we had seen in our way there was surrounded by policemen now.

Hence our little rap, The cop in the pot. That's what it's gonna be called :-)

And this morning I get up and my host tells me that she was trapped inside Christiania! The police had retained them inside and threw tear gas! She was really scared, and that went on for a few hours...

For some reason that is exactly what I was expecting from such a place, as alternative as you can get ;)

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