martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

Ready to ride the rails

Packing day. Almost ready to go, except for all the lessons I have this afternoon! I am well excited, but not having worked out properly how long it would take me to get everything tidied. Still deciding whether I am taking my traveller's blue backpack or my very confy green suitcase with handle and wheels... I think I will be pragmatic and take the latter. Barcelona tomorrow, and will be seeing Sofía! Stop 1, 5 hours and then night train to Paris. I am trying to figure out how I will be writing until I get to Brussels as it is not so easy to get power to use the laptop inside trains. But I have a little idea. We'll see how it works! :-)
Still need to get the presents for my hosts! They will be four, counting Aude in Brussels. There is Andreas, a Danish guy who will host me from 5th-11th, which is really very reasonable! Then there is Anna, who will host me from 12th-15th, and who actually does not live in Copenhagen or Denmark for instance! But in Malmo in Sweden across the bridge, and I think it will be quite fun to travel to and out of Denmark for the day :-) Then there is Lisa who will host me for the last 2 days of the time I'm in the Danish capital. I am really looking forward to meeting all three, as I don't know then and can already say they are very nice people!
Don't have the return tickets so that gives me a little bit of window to figure out how long I want to stay in Cologne in the way back, although I do have to get the return from Paris to Barcelona before I leave Spain, so I have until tomorrow evening to decide on this. The main point is that I am trying to see if I can hitchhike.

I have never taken the train from Barcelona to Paris, although I have taken the train running from Barcelona to Milan (July'09) and Zurich to Barcelona (August'09), in super reclinable seats, although they do exagerate with that statement a bit. But I did sleep quite a lot. Just didn't like the French police to wake all us up in the middle of the night when the train crossed the border into France, asking for our IDs (Schengen who?). The one from Zurich was better as the conductor asked us to give her the IDs during the night so that the police would not bother us. I slept like a baby, remember stopping in Bern and Geneva and people coming into the train and I was just not bothered at all.
Time to eat last regular lunch at home for a while! ( I need to work out the format later...)

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