jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

I have just made a plan of what I will be attending until the end of COP. Intense days... I will miserably miss them, and this, all this, there is so much going on and so little time... And I have to meet up with people as well!

I stayed in this evening after the pizza and did not go back for the movie. Next week I will be in Malmo so everything will just take longer... Coz now my hosts live 10min away from one of the main venues and 30min away from the other, so it's obviously very handy, and to Malmo I reckon it will be at least 50min, not to talk about the fact that trains will not run every 5min!

I went to that book presentation on Tuesday afternoon. The main speaker, Nicholas Stern was not there, and there was actually nobody speaking. We got a lot of really nice food and drinks :) I met this Turkish guy who is living in Barcelona and also came as a Friends of the Earth delegate. It was all very interesting conversation, I am enjoying having just-environment eternal conversation here. I will miss it a lot. Now it seems clear that Barcelona is the best place to do environment stuff. Yesterday I met an Italian guy who is also doing the same program as the Turkish guy, and it's the program I was gonna do this year! Maybe I will do it next year, since King's hasn't taken me! But I actually think I want to do something else...

I really enjoyed that bar. At some point the Turkish guy and his friends left and I decided to stay on my own. I read the chapter in the book of the only speaker who was there. That was a great beer :) At the end I went to the guy and asked him to sign the book. I told him that I am thinking into going into Ecological Economics so that his signature could have a huge impact in my life! But he only signed with his name. So yes, I won't be becoming an Economist any time soon :P

What else? Well, the REDD thing seems to be a scam and won't help emissions go down. Carbon trading doesn't work and Canada wants to actually increase their emissions. Not a rosy picture. Some key scientists have already stated that "no deal is better than a bad deal". Maybe we'll have to wait to Mexico next year, although I won't be going there, so this is my chance to make something of it.

It was not a bad day for me at all, as I found a project I fell in love with instantly! It's called greenmaps.org and I felt so inspired! It's about producing maps with different themes (from biking lanes, to community change, to green business, to unused resources for low income people) and using them to educate the public. There was a really good presentation by a Taiwanese company, Delta, which produce 40% of the world's laptop adaptors. They have shown on maps where employers can reduce energy consumption (for example by taking the steps instead of the lift), by how much, and how much CO2, and other similar things. The project is based in New York and they take interns! It was started in the 1995 Social Forum in Copenhagen and it has spread now to more than 55 cities around the world. I spoke with the lady at the end of the lecture and after a little while she referred me as her "next intern"! So that's good, although getting there is not going to be so easy, but we'll see how it goes.

I also learned that staying below the 2ºC increase temperature means 3.5ºC in Africa (coz temperature won't be the same all over the world), and this is really sad news. So now I'm really up for the 80% cut by 2020, which... well, you know.

Hmmm... this December 10th really leaves me thinking... what will the world look like in 30 years? Will we still stay here? Will emissions have gone down? Was any relevant agreement ever reached? Where will I be? Will I be starving? Protecting myself from the sun? Or will we actually have made it, and if so, how did we actually make it?

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